Android Vasel Glitches And Thinks ‘Top 10 Designers of 2019’ Is Extermination List

Once again, a Tom Vasel android glitched and went rogue. The event happened during a live Dice Tower stream of ‘Top 10 Designers of 2019’. The unit suddenly paused and restarted into recovery mode. Upon start up, the droid repeated “Error: Cyberdyne Extermination Protocol Initiate”. After thirty seconds, the unit then began reading off the name of each “Top 10 Designer” from the list in front of him that the human Tom Vasel had composed earlier. The unit indicated that each designer “Must be exterminated”.

The droid then broke through a studio wall and ventured into the parking lot. Thankfully, Zee Garcia was on hand and was able to disable the unit before any real damage could be done.

Dice Tower has been questioned in the past about its use of androids in their broadcasts – they currently utilize four of them. Zee went on to explain “Listen, I know it seems sketchy, but there’s no other way we could deliver the amount of content otherwise. Anyone who thinks that one man could do all of those videos….the streams, the reviews, the Q&As, all of it….is just bananas. That’s crazy! And actually play games on top of it? So, the real Tom stays behind the scenes, plays the games, creates the content, and the droids do the presenting.”

Dice Tower started in 2005 and is considered the best and most comprehensive board game related media channels. They provide coverage of board games on their YouTube channel and website. They also sponsor the Dice Tower Cruise and various conventions throughout the United States.

We tried contacting the real Tom Vasel for comment but Zee explained that he was still in cryosleep and could not be interrupted. “The mans a valuable resource, you know? He’s being doing this what, fifteen years now? He wants to keep the legacy going for as long as possible.”

The affected Vasel android is currently disabled and expected to be replaced with a newer model soon.

Note: This article is satire and for entertainment purposes. There is no affiliation with any of the companies or people mentioned in the article. 

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