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Item: Tabletop Companion Board Game Mat
Manufacturer: Tabletop Companion
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Like a lot of people, I have a game group that meets for a few hours every week. The location often changes, as does the surface we usually game on. None of the members in my group have a “real” gaming table, and if they did, they probably wouldn’t have the space for one of the expensive tables I often see ads for online. Tabletop Companion offers a solution to this problem with their large board game mats.

The Whole Package:
I received the Complete Set, which includes the larger 4′ x 3′ game mat, as well as the smaller 3′ x 2′ game mat. The two mats arrived in a heavy cardboard tube that is meant to double as a carrying case. That entire assembly was wrapped in plastic prior to shipping, and arrived to me in perfect condition. Shipping was also quick. The mat left the company on a Monday and I had it Wednesday. Also included was a small lint brush and a personalized thank you letter.

Gaming Surface:
Each Tabletop Companion game mat is double sided and per their website: 100% made in the USA. One side is a non-slip rubber material fit for tile laying games, and the other is a velvety/felt material that is perfect for board and card games.

The non-slip rubber side is similar to the underside of a mouse pad. This works great for games like Xia, Carcasonne, or the ever shifting newer Catan boards. This side of the mat seemed of good quality and held the tiles in place during a game of Kingdomino. This surface met my expectations.

On the flip side, you get a burgundy felt material […]