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How to Ship Board Games

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How to Ship Board Games is part two to the article Best Places to Sell Your Board Games

Shipping board games is a pretty straight-forward process that a lot of people get wrong. I ship board games fairly often online and handle the shipping myself. These are the tips I’ve learned from personal experience.

Packing The Game

Choosing a Carrier

Most of the time, USPS will be the most cost effective. The only time it may not be, is if you are dealing with an unusually heavy or large box. If you find yourself in that situation, definitely consider FedEx or UPS as an option. For the purpose of this article, we will assume you are using USPS.

The Right Box to Ship Board Games

Since shipping costs are based on package size and weight, you will want to securely pack the game first. This is the step most people cut corners on, but it is the one of the most important parts of the process.

With USPS, your options will be to use a Flat Rate Box or Padded Envelope, or your own packaging. Flat Rate can be lucrative because it is a set rate no matter where your package is shipped to with the USA. For example, a Medium Flat Rate Box will run you $12.40 no matter if it has a 10oz board game inside or a 10lb board game. There are various sizes for Flat Rate, each at different set price points. The actual box is also free, you only pay for shipping. However, even with all of it’s benefits, Flat Rate boxes may not allow enough room to properly protect the game inside, and may even end up costing you more money.

Make sure that […]

Best Places to Sell Your Board Games

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Is your game room filled to capacity from all the board game deals you snagged in our Facebook Deals Group? Time to make room! Below are the best places to sell board games based on my personal experience.


If you’re lucky, you might have a local facebook group that does a “Buy, Sell, Trade”. For example, I am near Chicago and there is both a Chicago Board Game Trading Group as well as a Milwaukee Board Game Trading Group. I have bought and sold within both groups successfully.

Pros: Since you are most likely to make the exchange in person via cash, there will be no processing fees to sell board games and you also get a chance to meet others around you who share an interest in the hobby. The buyer will also get a chance to check the contents before the sale and there will be no risk of shipping damage.
Cons: You will have a much smaller audience for this type of sale. Also, meeting in person might make some people nervous or uncomfortable.

Similar Local Alternatives: Craigslist, Letgo/Offerup Mobile App, Facebook Marketplace


If selling local isn’t an option, or you want access to a larger audience, selling sell board games online. The three major avenues are:

The Board Game Group Buy, Sell, Trade
Link: THE BOARDGAME GROUP Buy, Trade, and Sell Link
Pros: Since this is a board game community, you often will get the most value and safest transaction via this method. You can see profile information about your potential buyer and chat with them. Posts can be interacted with by other members of the community, potentially giving you more exposure. Best of all: the only fee you will incur is PayPal’s 3% processing […]

BGSmack – Last Minute Stocking Stuffers (Mostly) Under $15

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31 Board Games (Mostly) Under $15

Need a quick stocking stuffer or gift for the office parties board gamer? Here are 26 great games, that are mostly under $15. There are a few exceptions, but they are worth the extra couple of bucks.

Please Note: Because of Amazon’s ever fluctuating prices, the below pricing is not guaranteed. However, the average price of these games fall within the below brackets. Price changes may very well work in your favor and result in a lower price.

Special thanks to the following members of the BGSmack Community Facebook Group: Sean Sisson, Sean Meiner, Isaiah Hoffman, Kirk Dennison, Denise Van Peursem, and Kevin White.

BGS Insight: Board Game Etiquette

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Imagine you’re sixteen years old and new to the board game hobby. You’ve played with the regular group at the local game store before and it went alright, but you still stumble from time to time. During a round of a somewhat complex asymmetrical game (Vast), a forty year old man berates you for questioning why he made a certain move. During that same game, the organizer of the group does something similar when another person asks about a rules clarification.

This is the scenario I overheard while playing last night at another table. I have also played with both of these individuals previously and my experience was much of the same.

I understand some people in this hobby may have personality issues, but that is no excuse. This type of behavior in this hobby is disgusting. Board games are supposed to bring people together, not drive them apart.

And so, I have a included a very simple (but thorough) set of rules that any gamer should follow when playing with others. This is a great collaborative list sourced from:

(1) I will always finish the games I start and assist with the clean up when the game is done. This includes bottles, cups, cans, and other things around the game table.

(2) I will not consistently take longer to decide my move than everyone else at the table. It is better to make a suboptimal move and consider it a lesson learned than to hold everyone up. It is okay if occasionally I say, “oh man, I’m going to need a minute to think about this one” when I hit a really interesting puzzle. But that’s the exception, happening maybe a couple times per game, not the norm.

(3) I will not eat foods that make my fingers messy while playing. I […]