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Item: Tabletop Companion Board Game Mat
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Like a lot of people, I have a game group that meets for a few hours every week. The location often changes, as does the surface we usually game on. None of the members in my group have a “real” gaming table, and if they did, they probably wouldn’t have the space for one of the expensive tables I often see ads for online. Tabletop Companion offers a solution to this problem with their large board game mats.

The Whole Package:
I received the Complete Set, which includes the larger 4′ x 3′ game mat, as well as the smaller 3′ x 2′ game mat. The two mats arrived in a heavy cardboard tube that is meant to double as a carrying case. That entire assembly was wrapped in plastic prior to shipping, and arrived to me in perfect condition. Shipping was also quick. The mat left the company on a Monday and I had it Wednesday. Also included was a small lint brush and a personalized thank you letter.

Gaming Surface:
Each Tabletop Companion game mat is double sided and per their website: 100% made in the USA. One side is a non-slip rubber material fit for tile laying games, and the other is a velvety/felt material that is perfect for board and card games.

The non-slip rubber side is similar to the underside of a mouse pad. This works great for games like Xia, Carcasonne, or the ever shifting newer Catan boards. This side of the mat seemed of good quality and held the tiles in place during a game of Kingdomino. This surface met my expectations.

On the flip side, you get a burgundy felt material that will see most of your play time.  The material is soft and elegant, essentially what you would expect from the higher priced game tables; the obvious difference being that I’m still sitting at my kitchen table and all I had to do was roll out a mat. Cards and components are picked up with ease. The surface is soft and not slick like you get with some of the other mats in the hobby; which often are enlarged mouse pads or pieces of vinyl. As you can see in the pictures, the surface looks luxurious, and feels it too.

As mentioned, I received the Complete Set, which includes the larger 4′ x 3′ game mat, as well as the smaller 3′ x 2′ game mat. Surface wise, they are identical. This means, if needed, you can set them up side by side and have a 6′ x 3′ gaming surface. That is a huge amount of space. And when you consider the fact that each mat is double sided, you are getting a great value for your money. It is also worth noting that the measurements are true to their specifications throughout.

With the Complete Set, you also have the option of stacking the mats. So, for a game like Catan, you can keep your modular board secured in the middle on the non-slip side of the smaller mat, and still have a nice soft surface from the larger mat underneath to place your cards and components. See my pictures for Kingdomino as reference for this setup.

Note: Because of the size of the larger game , it was a bit difficult for me to take pictures of the entire products, so I have included some images provided by Tabletop Companion below.

Tabletop Companion Provided Photos:

Other Thoughts:
The included cardboard carrying tube works well to store the game mat, but you may consider hanging yours if you have the space. While no fault of the company, rolling the mats (especially two of them) back into the tube can take some practice. As with any material rolled into a tight space, you may notice some edge curling, especially on the smaller mat. This will settle with time, and was almost non-existent on the larger mat, but it is still something to consider. The company gives specific directions on how to roll the mats back into the tube, so you may want to follow this.

Another nice touch is the included cleaning guide listed on the tube, and also on their website, in case you have any accidents.

The request that I feel will come up more often is for more game mat color choices. I was content with the color I received, but know others will want something else. The company is not at the size where it’s feasible to do this yet, but as they grow, hopefully the color range will as well.

Final Thoughts:
This mat fit my needs perfectly and may be a solution for you as well. I would recommend this for anyone who:

  • Doesn’t have the space for a dedicated game table
  • Doesn’t have the funds for a dedicated game table or topper system (both I have seen run from $300 into the thousands)
  • Travels and wants to bring a premium surface with them
  • Wants the versatility of a double sided game mat, which most game tables do not offer

NOTE: I received this item free of charge in exchange for an honest review.

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