Study Links Celebs Love of Tabletop Games With Their Desire to Stay Relevant

On Tuesday, Experts from a Harvard University study released ground breaking findings that establish a direct correlation between celebrities love of tabletop games and their desires to stay relevant. The study was done over a five year period in which scientists monitored the social media activity of 3,000 actors, politicians, and other public figures.

To meet the criteria, these individuals had to have a Graham Popularity Rating of 100 or lower (lower is better) over the last 30 years. The GPR is considered a reliable indication of an individuals time in the spotlight and the impact they had on the culture within a respective year. With certainty, experts were able to find that as an individuals popularity on the scale dropped, they began to increase the amount of posts they made on social media about their love for tabletop games.

2019 in particular was an especially active year for stars to confess the recent discovery of their lifelong love for tabletop games.

D&D is often the game of choice celebrities would mention. Followed by Catan and Betrayal at House on the Hill. In fact, just last week Ricardo Spate – who made appearances on the show Law & Order during the mid 90s – tweeted “I couldn’t have made it through the trials that acting presents if not for all the sessions of Dungeons and Dragons. Shoot, we even played D&D on set occasionally! Waterson and Orbach would even join us sometimes!”

Even individuals already in the spotlight are getting in on the action like Democratic Presidential Candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden. At a rally on Tuesday, he wore a graphic tee that displayed an image of a twenty sided die. Biden pointed the shirt out in his speech. “Yea, I love games. Have all my life! d20?!” he chuckled “You sunk my battleship!”

Note: This article is satire and for entertainment purposes. There is no affiliation with any of the companies or people mentioned in the article. 

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