Game:  Splendor
Designer: Marc André
Players: 2- 4
Playtime: 30 – 50 Mins
BGS Rating: ★★★★✩

splendor board game
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Quick to Learn
Gateway Game
Evolving Tactics
Component Quality
Plays Well at Most Player Counts



Splendor is a two to four player abstract game where you collect gems in the form of chips and cards. The cards ultimately yield victory points and the first player to 15 points wins. For two players, expect a play time around 30 minutes, and add 10 minutes for each additional player after that. There is really only one path to victory, getting cards with victory points, but there are many different strategies on how to obtain those cards. To mix things up even a bit more, there are also “noble cards” that a player can win by collecting the quantities of a particular gem that is indicated on the noble card. Noble cards yield an additional three victory points and can speed up a win.

The chips have a good “poker style” weight to them and feel good in your hands. The cards are of good quality and the illustrations are top notch. This does not mean there is a strong theme to the game. Any images could be used and you would still have the same feel for the game.

Despite this, Splendor is a great game. It is one of our personal favorites and falls along the line of “easy to learn, hard to master”. You have to focus on your own strategy, while trying to keep in mind what your opponent is doing. You may very well get a chance to block them by stealing a card they need, or gathering the last chip in a stack (they are limited in numbers). We recommend this to virtually any gamer as a filler or a gateway game. This falls right alongside Ticket to Ride.

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