Site Update: 02-02-2019

As of February 3rd, 2019, the new website will officially be in use!…And while I am excited to finally be at this point – it certainly does not mean the site is finished! Of course, it will always be evolving, but there are some key features that haven’t been implemented yet.

Why Launch Now?

Simply put, there was a lot of duplication that I was doing between the “old” website, and this new one. I have been working on the new site for the past couple months, and every title entered onto the old one now just feels like time wasted. The more work I have to duplicate, the longer the updates to the new site will take. I look forward to putting the old one behind me.

What Are The New Features?

Individual Game Page

  • Price History for Individual Games – When you are brought to a games main page, you can now track how the price history has changed up to 365 days – assuming it has been on the site that long (i.e. if a game was entered 22 days ago, there will only be 22 days of history). You can also view the highest, lowest, and average price. NOTE: If a game has no price history, it is because the price has not changed since I added it to the site. Once the price does change, the price history table will populate.
  • Ability to leave a review of the game on it’s page
  • Price Alerts via Email
  • Additional details about the game
  • View example here: Flick Em Up: Stallion Canyon

Upcoming Features

While some of the features below may be operational, they need A LOT of work. Please keep that in mind as you use the site. As of this post, we only host 511 titles. That just barely scratches the surface of all of the great games out there. We will continue to grow our library, and along with that, the features we have on our site.

  • Explore Board Game Categories – When we log a new game into the system, it gets assigned different keywords. On this page, we use the keywords to create categories for you to explore. It is a great way to find new games to add to your collection. This feature is a work in progress and not completed.
  • View All/Search Board Games – This page will let you browse our library and use search tools to narrow down your selection. This feature is a work in progress and not completed.
  • Multiple Vendor Comparisons – Right now, the only retailer we have is from Amazon. After we have built up a sufficient collection, we will add functionality to compare prices and purchase from other retailers. Getting the site mostly functional is our priority.
  • More Articles – We have a good amount of articles and reviews we need to port over from our old site. They need to be completely re-formated for the new one. This is a medium-low priority at this time.
  • Wishlists – While this is technically functional, it is disabled until I get time to finish it. This is also on the low end of priorities.

The Future

The updated site brings a lot of new features that I hope leads to finding more of the games you love at great prices. I do want to say, with a heavy emphasis, that all of these new tools will in no way replace our wonderful Facebook Group! I love our community there and providing curated deals. From my point of view, it would be very difficult for an automated system to replace that. I will continue to pour my heart into that group, as well as this site. With that I wish you all a great day and thank you for your continued support!


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  1. Thanks Ryan! I have bought many games because of the work you put into this and always for I feel the best price!

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