Game:  Jaipur
Designer: Sabastian Pauehon
Players: 2
Playtime: 30 (Best 2 of 3 Rounds)
BGS Rating: ★★★★★


jaipur board game
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Quick to Learn
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Evolving Tactics
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Jaipur is one of the most popular two player only games to hit the shelves. It plays quick, involves strategy, and is extremely easy to learn. In the game, players take turns drafting cards from the “market”, a center row of cards that is filled from the primary draw deck. These cards reflect various goods like leather and silver. When a player has accrued a set of cards of one type of good, they discard them and gain victory point chips. There are also camel cards that can be drafted, which can be used as a type of wild card to trade from the market (one of the three actions you can do each turn). At the end of the game, players total their victory points and whoever has the most, wins.

It goes without saying that we LOVE Jaipur. I can teach it to almost anyone, the set up is quick, and trying to figure out which card the other player may draw on their next turn gets pretty tense. One of the cool mechanics of the game, is that when playing a set of a certain good, you get MORE victory points if you play them early, but you also get bonus tokens if you play a larger set. Bonus tokens have a range of points on them, but basically if you play a set of 5 cards, the bonus token will likely have a good amount of extra points on them. You get these bonus tokens AND the victory point chips.

Trying to balance laying down a large set of cards with wanting to take the victory point chips early (they are worth more early on) is extremely fun and is really the primary strategy of the game. If you have played Splendor, you will probably like this. Jaipur recently came back into print. As of writing this article, it can be picked up for around $25.

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