Game Thief Ordered to View 120 Hours of “What Did I Just Punch?” Posts

A Miami courtroom erupted into chaos after a judge ordered convicted board game thief, Roger Milton, to be subjected to 120 hours of “What Did I Just Punch?” posts.

Milton was found guilty of trying to steal copies of the popular game “Wingspan” from Bed Bath and Beyond. Seconds after hearing his sentencing, Milton lunged for his lawyer’s pen and attempted to gouge his eyes out. Courtroom staff stopped him before he could do any harm.

“I can think of no other punishment that is more fitting for the crime.” the honorable Judge Garcia said in his final verdict “Nobody likes those posts. I can only imagine the regret Mr. Milton is feeling right now – let alone after viewing 120 hours of “What Did I Just Punch?” posts.”

We asked local game store owner about the outcome of the case and he replied “Why do they sell Wingspan at Bed Bath and Beyond? I can’t even get it for my store.”

Hours after the verdict that was delivered, Milton’s lawyer filed an appeal on grounds that the verdict fell under “cruel and unusual punishment” and “a form of inhumane torture”.

BGSmack will deliver updates around the case as they become available.

Ryan at BGSmack

Note: This article is satire and for entertainment purposes. There is no affiliation with any of the companies or people mentioned in the article. 

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