First Time Poster Optimistic Group Will Love New Kickstarter

Justin Dean is twenty three, lives with his parents in northern Indiana, and was feeling a bit lost. He attended Marquette University in Milwaukee for a couple years, but decided it wasn’t for him. Justin didn’t know what he wanted to do with his life. That all changed after playing the card game ‘Cards Against Humanity’.

“Well, short story is I played a few games of that, found out they Kickstarted the game, and I thought to myself: Hey, I could totally do that!”

Justin goes on to tell how he’s played the best games out there, like: What Do You Meme?, Monopoly, Relative Insanity, and of course, Cards Against Humanity. And while he may have been inspired by those titles, he say’s his games completely different and unique.

“My game is called ‘Pastors Against Profanity’ and it’s super different. Instead of ‘Question’ and ‘Answer’ cards, there are ‘Pastor’ and ‘Profanity’ cards. Oh, and you win coins sometimes! Have you played Cards Against Humanity? It’s kind of like that!”

Justin had the idea, but now he needed the audience. After setting up the Kickstarter page for ‘Pastors Against Profanity’, he felt the best way to get the word out was to join the most popular Facebook groups and to spam a bunch of posts about it.

“I knew everyone’s minds would be blown once this saw the KS page. Sure, some of the groups may have been established for a decade and have tens of thousands of members, but they’ve never seen anything like this! Plus, who doesn’t love games involving religion and politics?”

Note: This article is satire and for entertainment purposes. There is no affiliation with any of the companies or people mentioned in the article. 

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