Item: Game Haul: Game Night Board Game Bag
Manufacturer: Top Shelf Fun
BGS Rating: ★★★★★

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game haul bag review

Like most people, I attend a weekly game night and usually tote my games around in one of the blue Ikea bags. It’s spacious and gets the job done, but it doesn’t offer a lot of protection. After recently seeing that I dished in the cover of Terraforming Mars sometime during the night, I decided to pursue a better board game bag. The re-purposed cajon/ChromaCast bags are nice for the price, but were much too large for the typical three or four games that I usually bring and aren’t truly designed as a board game bag. I ended up stumbling upon the Top Shelf Fun’s Game Night Board Game Bag.  This was prior to it’s official release and my only option was to pre-order. I took the risk and received the bag yesterday. Let me tell you: this board game bag rocks!

When I purchased this bag, I knew what I was getting into. It’s described as capable of holding four Ticket to Ride sized games, and it does. As you can seen in the pictures, I was able to fit Small World, Blood Rage, Ethnos, and Bloodborne into the main compartment, as well as two smaller card games on the side (Oh My Goods! and The Game). This is the perfect size for me since I usually know exactly what I want to play before I leave the house. However, if you like to bring half your board game library, you may want to spring for a larger board game bag. Since the size is given prior to purchase, I don’t feel like anyone should ever have anything to complain about in this area.

The Game Night Bag is extremely functional. The front panel zips down and easily lets you slide your games in and out. I chose to place mine vertically but you could just as well stack them horizontally. Having the front panel zip completely down makes it easy to grab the game you want and the side pocket is a nice touch. I think if I tried, I could have fit a copy of The Resistance in there, but it would have been close. The carrying handle on top feels good in the hand and I love the ADJUSTABLE shoulder strap.  I almost would have preferred another pocket on the other size (maybe even larger than the existing one), but the mesh water bottle holder is better than nothing. It might have also been interesting if the top panel with the carrying handle could zip back as well, so that you could pull your games from the top or front, but this isn’t a big deal.

This board game bag has everything you need and even with all of that, the quality is not sacrificed. The sidewalls and outer panels are thick. According to the website, the bag features “reinforced stitching and 10mm of padding”. Now, I didn’t do any measurements, but the bag FEELS like it was made with care. It feels like something that is going to last a long time. The velcro that locks the front panel closed from the top is secure and strong. The zippers flow up and down with ease. The hooks for the should strap are metal. The shoulder strap pad is adjustable. Hell, this thing has “clawed” anti-slip feet. How they packed this many features into this bag at the price point they are selling it for is beyond me.

Final Thoughts:
Deciding if this bag is for you basically comes down to how many games you want to carry. Outside of that, there is really no reason not to get this bag if you are looking for something to keep your games safe. I love this bag and will be using it every week.

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