BGS Member Spotlight is our way of saying thank you to top contributors in our Facebook group. These are the people who step up to help others with questions about games and provide other input that makes our community great.

Krista resides in Charlotte, North Carolina and was introduced to the hobby about a year and a half ago. Her brother brought Carcassonne over one night, and from that moment on, her and her kids were hooked. She has been a member of the BGS Deals group, practically since the beginning.

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Do you have a favorite game or game mechanic?
Currently, that would be Sagrada.

Which three games hit your table the most?
I would have to say Santorini, Hive, and Kingdomino!

Do you have a grail game, one that’s nearly unattainable. If so, have you acquired it yet?
Carcassonne: The Castle. But, it is sadly out of print.

What do you like best about the BGS Deals group and if you have purchased games through those links, which one was your best find?
I love seeing deals on games that are on my wishlist, as well as discovering new games I had not heard of before. My best find was probably when Amazon Prime Day went live. All of the deals were going really fast but I was able to get six games off my wishlist at 60% off or more!