BGS Member Spotlight is our way of saying thank you to top contributors in our Facebook group. These are the people who step up to help others with questions about games and provide other input that makes our community great.

Bob lives in Central Indiana and has been into the board game hobby for almost thirty years. Introduced by a friend, he started out with Avalon Hill, Dungeons & Dragons, along with a few others. Some of his favorites from then that still hit the table weekly are Empire Builder and Speed Circuit.

bob berry photo

Do you have a favorite game or game mechanic?
I’m a huge fan of co-op games. I would much rather play with my friends as a team than to play against them. My current favorite game is Gloomhaven. It’s a great game and it’s obvious the designer worked hard to make sure that every aspect of it was perfect. The way your cards work is absolutely genius.

Which three games hit your table the most?
Currently it would be Gloomhaven, Clank, and Ticket To Ride. My mother loves Ticket To Ride so every time we are together we play 4-5 games of it.

Do you have a “dream game” that doesn’t exist, but you would love to play if it did?
I always used to say a board game based on the video game Fallout. Since it looks like we will now have that by the end of the year, I will now start saying a board game based on the movie The Warriors. I would love to play as the Warriors and fight my way back to Coney Island.

Do you have a grail game, one that’s nearly unattainable. If so, have you acquired it yet?
Dark Tower. I have hopes that my childhood copy is still at my parents house somewhere. I will know soon.

What do you like best about the BGS Deals group and if you have purchased games through those links, which one was your best find?
As a person that buys a lot of games, The BGS deals group is a great way to find the best deal. Ryan does an amazing job of keeping it up to date and letting you know what deals are still active. As one of the rare people that loves Seafall, I would say that the deal that was posted for it was a great find for those that were on the fence about it. I believe it was $22 and I would have been all over it if I didn’t already own it. A HUGE thank you to Ryan for all that you do to make sure that the people that are enjoying our hobby can get the best deals.