Best Places to Sell Your Board Games

Is your game room filled to capacity from all the board game deals you snagged in our Facebook Deals Group? Time to make room! Below are the best places to sell board games based on my personal experience.


If you’re lucky, you might have a local facebook group that does a “Buy, Sell, Trade”. For example, I am near Chicago and there is both a Chicago Board Game Trading Group as well as a Milwaukee Board Game Trading Group. I have bought and sold within both groups successfully.

Pros: Since you are most likely to make the exchange in person via cash, there will be no processing fees to sell board games and you also get a chance to meet others around you who share an interest in the hobby. The buyer will also get a chance to check the contents before the sale and there will be no risk of shipping damage.
Cons: You will have a much smaller audience for this type of sale. Also, meeting in person might make some people nervous or uncomfortable.

Similar Local Alternatives: Craigslist, Letgo/Offerup Mobile App, Facebook Marketplace



If selling local isn’t an option, or you want access to a larger audience, try selling board games online. The three major avenues are:

The Board Game Group Buy, Sell, Trade
Link: THE BOARDGAME GROUP Buy, Trade, and Sell Link
Pros: Since this is a board game community, you often will get the most value and safest transaction via this method. You can see profile information about your potential buyer and chat with them. Posts can be interacted with by other members of the community, potentially giving you more exposure. Best of all: the only fee you will incur is PayPal’s 3% processing fee. This is also a great avenue if you have a rare game or something of high value, as the trust system and appreciation of rarities is greater than other online outlets.
Cons: You will have to work out the logistics of shipping your item and manually coordiante the payment (usually with PayPal). You will also have access to a smaller audience than you might get with Ebay..

BGG GeekMarket
LinkBGG GeekMarket Link
Pros: Another dedicated site for board games, the GeekMarket offers feedback ratings, price history (with multiple currencies) and a fairly smooth purchase system.
Cons: As with all online marketplaces, you will still need to ship the item yourself. Even though they purchase system works well, it does not handle the payment. You and the buyer will have to still work that out. I have also had instances where buyers missed notifications about sending a payment, the item I bought was an old listing and not available, or the seller never responded to a purchase I made. You do not submit payment until an order has been confirmed on both sides, so these issues are more of an annoyance. There is also no social connection with other gamers and a lack of a “community” feel. A small fee, on top of the PayPal payment processing fee, will also be charged by BoardGameGeek.

Link: Ebay Link
Pros: Ebay will give you the greatest exposure to sell board games and its integration with PayPal makes payments flawless. Also, when a buyer agrees to purchase, they usually commit to the sale the whole way through (though I have had instances where a buyer backed out).
Cons: The high fees kill most sales on Ebay. A seller taking payment via PayPal can expect to get a 15% chunk taken out of their sale, resulting from the fees of both Ebay and PayPal…and whatever your buyer paid for shipping will also be charged that fee. This is often why you will see games marked up higher on Ebay.

Hopefully, you found this short guide useful and some new places to sell board games. If your still working on filling your collection, check out the deals on our Home Page and join the Largest Board Game Deals Group on Facebook!

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