Amazon Buyer Safety Tips

You would think ordering your game off would be pretty straightforward. Click the link, like the price, and purchase. Right? While it should be this easy, there are a few things you want to check for.

“Oh sweet! Settlers of Catan brand new for $10? That’s a steal!” Well, it literally may be. Scammers selling non-existent product have recently plagued Amazon. Often they will be on popular game titles and being sold from 3rd parties (not fulfilled by Amazon or directly from Amazon). They will also usually have an extra long date to ship the product. In this case, the scammer hopes that you forget about your order. Lets be honest, it would be easy to forget $10 that you spent a month ago. If you do realize that you never received your game, you can contact Amazon for a refund and all is back to normal in your world. The issue is – outside of your suspended $10 and wait time for a product that will never come – this adds costs to Amazon’s customer service. These are then passed onto the buyers through increased prices.

You’ve been warned that buying certain products off eBay might mean getting something that’s a knock-off of a popular brand. Would you ever think this could also apply to board games? This issue is a little harder to catch as some of the replicas are extremely close to the original. They are manufactured overseas, but that doesn’t mean that a product that is FBA can’t be a knockoff. Your best best in this scenario is to examine the game components when you receive them and make sure they match up with images and reviews you have seen online. Often there will be misprints or plastic pieces used when the original games use wood. If you do ever come across this, notify Amazon immediately and they will take care of you.

I will be honest: I’m extremely picky about the condition of my games. If I am putting out hard earned money for a new game, it better arrive to me in new condition. Unfortunately, to deliver the deals Amazon does, they often sacrifice on packaging materials. They have even been known to throw a label on the actual game box and send it out without any sort of packaging. If you receive a game with dents, a dished in cover, or tears, contact Amazon immediately to get this resolved. Amazon will often offer you: 25% off the purchase price, a replacement with free return shipping on the damaged game, or a replacement with no questions asked. These offers usually depend on who the game came from ( vs. FBA vs. 3rd Party).

Here’s a Tip: instead of using the “Return or Replace Items” button in you Account>Orders section, contact amazon HERE. In the Account>Orders section, they often only give you the option to return the item. With the above link, you can send an email to an actual representative who will most likely give you a couple options to help with your problem.

• Make sure the product is sold directly from or Fulfilled by Amazon. This means they have a physical copy of the game in their warehouse.
• If you have Amazon Prime, make it a priorty to utilize it. The faster shipping times mean you can resolve problems faster.
• If you do risk purchasing from a 3rd Party, click on the sellers name and make sure they are not a new seller. You will want a seller who has sold at least a couple hundred items and has received a percentage rating above 98%.
• Check your game when you receive it for damage or any odd components that might indicate a knock-off.

Please let me know if you found this helpful or have any tips of your own!

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